Salt-Free Water Softening Systems in Kennewick, WA

Salt-Free Systems

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Active Armour works by:
  • Bonding with Hard Water compounds like Calcium and Magnesium Carbonates
  • Bonding with inorganic metals in the water like Iron, Copper, and Zinc
  • Inhibiting the ability of Carbonate scale to form in the plumbing system and appliances
  • Preventing corrosion of metallic pipes, appliances, and fixtures with a protective nanolayer
  • Reducing existing scale formation without using acid or dangerous chemicals

Each Active Armour system includes the following:
  • Cartridge Housing with O-ring
  • Active Armour Cartridge  – Preloaded
  • Mounting Bracket with Screws
  • Installation and Operating Instructions

While not a water softener, the Active Armour system offers many of the same scale-reducing advantages as conventional water softening systems at a lower cost.
When it comes to protecting your tank or tankless water heater, no other technology offers the level of protection from hard water scale and corrosion as affordably and effectively as the Active Armour system.